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At Quadri group, we deeply value connecting with our partners, employees, support staff and communities. That's why we host a variety of informative and engaging events throughout the year.

Operations Specialist

Boost Sales on Marketplaces
Manage company's ecommerce operations across third-party marketplaces. Optimize product listings and implement sales strategies to maximize reach.

23 days ago

Full Time - Karachi

Data Analyst

Insights Through Analysis
Mine data to drive business solutions. Analyze information, identify trends, and present analytical findings to inform strategy and decision-making as a Data Analyst.

50 days

Full Time - Karachi

Marketing Specialist

Creative Campaign Strategist
Conceptualize innovative campaigns and content that engage customers across media platforms as our next Marketing Specialist. Leverage analytics to maximize reach and ROI.

50 days

Full Time - Karachi

Sales Manager

Driving Business Growth
Motivate and lead the sales team to achieve revenue goals. Create strategies, coach reps, and analyze metrics as Sales Manager.

10 days ago

Full Time - Karachi

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