Industries We Are

We enable production excellence through engineered adhesives across industries like footwear, woodworking, textiles, packaging, and automotive. With expertise tailored to each application, our robust, resilient bonding solutions meet specialized requirements. We have experience optimizing formulations for manufacturing success across diverse sectors.

Footwear Industry

At Quadri, we engineer optimized adhesives and materials for Pakistan’s top shoe brands. Our formulas sync with each client’s unique fabrication processes for precision performance. By tailoring and customizing formulations, we help footwear manufacturers deliver consistent quality and reliability. Partner with us for expertise and ingredients that bond and build shoes worthy of leaving a lasting mark.

General Purpose, Woodworking, Hardware and Assembly Industry

From woodworking to assembly, many industries have unique adhesive needs. Our extensive product range includes specialized formulas optimized for strengthening wood bonds without altering appearance. We carefully craft glues and epoxies to precisely meet the distinctive production requirements of woodworking, general assembly, and other trades. Partner with us for expertise tailored to your exact specifications.

Lamination Industry

As Pakistan's top adhesive supplier for laminations, we specialize in bonding enhancements for wood and metal applications. Our solutions deliver exceptional strength with matte finishes. By guaranteeing reliable performance across materials, our precise product engineering enables flawless lamination even on delicate surfaces. Partner with the experts dedicated to your bonding success.

Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry

We prioritize longevity for leather goods through customized adhesives. Our durable, resilient formulas are tailored for wallets, bags, shoes and more. With reliability built into every formulation, we bond over 50 top brands. Our tailored leather solutions enable flawless fabrication and lasting quality.

Pest Control

Quadri group craft targeted pest control solutions to eliminate roaches, spiders, ants and more. As trusted partners for Pakistan’s leading pest control companies, our highly effective products and supplies enable efficient infestation management. With reliability built into every custom formulation, we’re integral partners for your success.


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